Research on AFRP Laser-milling Combined Machining Technology and Parameters Optimization

1.Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of High Efficiency and Precision Machining of Difficult-to-Cut Material, Hunan University of Science and Technology,Xiangtan 411201;2.School of Mechanical Engineering,Yancheng Institute of Technology,Yancheng 224051

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    For the problems such as fiber burrs and ablation in the processing of aramid fiber reinforced composites (AFRP), a laser-milling combined processing method was proposed to conduct experimental research on AFRP. The parameters of AFRP laser-milling combined processing were optimized. The results show that compared with the milling processing, the temperature of laser-milling combined processing is lower, the milling force and the burr factor are smaller, the milling force fluctuation is smaller, the milling is more stable. The optimal laser processing parameters of AFRP laser-milling are as follows: laser power P=20 W, scanning speed v=3 mm/s, pulse width Lf=60 ns, repetition frequency f=50 kHz. The optimal milling process parameters are as follows: spindle speed n=2 000 r/min, feed speed vf=105 mm/min, cutting depth ap =0.5 mm.

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  • Received:December 10,2021
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