Ultrasonic-assisted Milling Force and Surface Quality Study of CF/PEEK Composites

1.Advanced Mechatronics Equipment Technology Tianjin Area Major Laboratory,Tianjin 300387;2.School of Mechanical Engineering,Tiangong University,Tianjin 300387

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    In order to improve the milling of carbon fibre reinforced polyether ether ketone (CF/PEEK) composites with defects such as burrs, delamination and surface pits, the processing method of ultrasound-assisted milling with CF/PEEK at four fibre orientation angles of 0°,45°,90° and 135° was carried out and compared with conventional milling.The results show that ultrasonic-assisted milling has lower cutting forces and better machining quality than conventional milling. The most significant reductions in cutting forces, surface roughness and burr height are achieved by ultrasound-assisted milling of specimens along a 90° fibre orientation angle, with reductions of 16.79%,28.9% and 71.9% respectively.Furthermore, ultrasonic-assisted milling is effective in improving surface defects such as surface pits and delamination, compared to conventional milling under the same machining parameters.

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  • Received:November 19,2021
  • Revised:September 14,2023
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