The Simulation Study on The Effect of Micro-textured Tools on Chip Formation of Titanium Alloy

1.New Engineering Industry College, Putian University,Putian 351100;2.Putian University,Putian 351100;3.Mechanical and Information Engineering College, Putian University,Putian 351100

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    In response to the inadequacy of micro-textured tools for chip formation of Ti6Al4V titanium alloy and the analysis of the secondary cutting mechanism of microgroove, a thermo-mechanical coupled model was established to comparatively analyze the effects of different micro-textured tools, micro-textured geometric dimensions, and cutting speeds on chip formation. The simulation results show that micro-textured tools are more beneficial to the chip breakage, and the secondary cutting action makes the radius of chip bending larger. The micro-texture can reduce the actual contact area of tool-chip and the cutting temperature. Increasing the width of the micro-texture tool can enhance the secondary cutting effect of the micro-groove and facilitate chip breakage, but attention should be paid to its weakening effect on the tool strength. In contrast, increasing the adjacent microgroove spacing results in the opposite mechanism of the secondary cutting action. Increasing the cutting speed is beneficial to the chip breakage for all tools, and the curved micro-textured tool has the best cooling effect, followed by the V-shaped micro-textured tool, and the rectangular micro-textured tool has the worst cooling effect. The findings can provide some references for further understanding of the the secondary cutting action mechanism of micro-textured tools to titanium alloy chip.

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